Gratitude: A List

Thanksgiving, for all its complex and controversial history, is one of my two favorite American holidays, and the official act of giving thanks is something that I think shouldn’t be restricted to one day a year. So putting that in practice, I started free writing on gratitude. Here is a partial list of what and whom I’m thankful for, in no particular order:

Around 6:30 p.m., sunset in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Around 6:30 p.m., sunset in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Ecuadorian community leaders like Marcelina Tanguila, Ángel Aguinda, Nelly Tanguila, y Camilo Yumbo who give of themselves so others can thrive and seguir adelante.

Teachers like Anne Cappiello and Wendy Williams who inspire students in the U.S. to open their hearts to possibility and discover their potential as global citizens.

The World Bank’s latest report, for declaring that “a 4 degree Celsius warming (of the planet’s atmosphere) simply must not be allowed to occur. ”

The outstanding, dedicated board of Amazon Partnerships Foundation, past and present.

Contemporary writers like BK Loren, Matt Taibbi, and Gail Collins who, in their distinct  ways, pull no punches and remind me why writing is an important *and* joyful vocation.

Talented film makers like Ian Slattery who use art to educate and give voice to rural communities’ concerns about environmental threats.

The writings and timeless wisdom of Martin Luther King.

Twelve hours of daylight, 365 days a year, in the Amazon.

The Pacific Ocean.

You, dear reader, for taking time out of your day to come to this microscopic corner of the internet and read and comment on what you find here.

The privilege of travel and the responsibility that comes with it.

The complex artistry of American jazz.

Ecological toilets and all of the people who have spent years of their lives researching, building, testing, and using them.

Guayacan trees.

My writer friends who keep at it, year after year, regardless of the recognition that does or doesn’t come.

These gratitude lists and the power they have, once you start making them, to take on a life of their own.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude: A List

  1. I feel gratitude for you in my life–your courage, your dedication to making the world a better place, your risk-taking big time, your writing with its unique point of view and delivery, and your undauntable spirit. Blog on!

  2. I feel grateful for your friendship, your undauntable spirit, your determination to make a better world, your care for the peoples of the earth, your unique writer’s voice and point of view, and your courage. Blog on!

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