Selected Publications


Gathering Before the Storm (Fiction Southeast, 2018), Finalist for Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize

Last of the Species (ElJ Publications, 2014)

The Cliff Dwellers (J Journal, fall 2014), Pushcart Prize nominee

Twenty-one Letters from Santa Lucia, excerpt (Writers’ Dojo, 2009)

Cities in the Mountains (Midway Journal, 2008)

Elvis Impersonator (, 2005)

NONFICTION: Essays & Articles

Patron Saints & Other Companions (Cargo Literary, September 2016)

Failing All Species: Time for a New Conservation Ethic (STIR Journal, 2014)

The Great Untapped: Revolutionizing Development through Community-Based Organizations (Global Fund for Community Foundations, 2012)

Finding Room for Error (How Matters, republished on Admitting Failure, 2012)

Oil and Water: Empowering Community-Based Alternatives to Extractive Activities,  English versionSpanish version (co-written with María del Carmen Pantoja, Amazon Partnerships Foundation, 2012)

The Road to Tena (LaChance Publishing, 2009)

Is Extraction of Heavy Crude Our Best Course? Reflections and Concerns about Oil Exploration in Napo Province, Ecuador (Co-written with Ulises Gutiérrez, 2009)


Traveling Storywriter: Stories, insights, observations, and photos about life in the Americas, posted from 2006-2009.

Goodeater Collaborative: Exploring food security and sustainability in the developing world, posted from 2010- 2011.